Developing solutions for the antibiotic crisis

Motif BioSciences is a cutting-edge drug discovery/development company based in New York City.  Our mission is to develop solutions for the antibiotic crisis.   We have a call to action to design and develop novel best-in-class antibiotics which overcome MRSA (methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and other life-threatening infections.  MRSA is now a leading cause of hospital acquired infections and a growing cause of infections in healthy people within the community. Antibiotic resistance has limited the effectiveness of many existing drugs.  The discovery of new antibiotics to address this resistance has not kept pace with the increasing incidence of difficult-to-treat bacteria. According to a report released by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) in September 2013, more than 2 million Americans get drug-resistant infections each year. And more than 23,000 die as a direct result of these infections – more than the annual number of deaths of people diagnosed with AIDS/HIV. 

Given the urgent need to find new antibiotics to address this problem, Motif has a dedicated effort in developing new best-in-class antibiotics, each targeting different and unique mechanisms of action to be effective against bacteria that are resistant to most currently available antibiotics.